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Do you want the Truck to visit you  ?

// What you need to provide //

  • A Good parking spot 7,5m long, 2,5m de width (as big as two car parking)  et de 3,8m high (watch the trees!) if possible flat, or almost
  • Bathroom (Showers and Toilet)
  • A heated room to sit to rest and drink something together after having been Saunised (the truck has a little room where to get undressed before going to sauna, no need to be naked and freeze outside before the sauna)
  • The oven needs more or less two hours to be at his maximum temperature after the truck arrives and got parked, be patient, stay cool ! It worth it !

Do you want to join a Sauna session?

// what you need to bring //

  • 3 Towels : 2 for the Sauna (so sweat on the benches, so one towel for the feet, and one for the bump) and 1 Towel for the showers.
  • Some Sandals (to come in and out the truck without wearing and taking of the shoes all the time..)
  • Water or Tee
  • Fruits to Share (Oranges, Apples, Pineapples are my favourites !) or any food !
  • A piece of wood (Maxi 50cm long/15x15cm width)
  • Donation (Between 5€ and 10€, under 5€ I support you, over 10€ you support me !) or Vegetables, Fruits, Cheese, Wine, Massage, Jam, Gasoil, Wood or whatever you want !


// what’s waiting for you //

It’s better to take a shower before coming, so you just get undressed and you are ready to jump into the Sauna !

The Sauna takes place in three steps :

  1. The Sauna bath (around 10 to 15mn by 80°)
  2. The Quick Cooling with Water (Water pipe, Shower, ocean, lake, river, See, ..) (around 1mn)
  3. The Chilling time in a nice room (until 8 people it’s possible to chill in the truck !)

You can repeat those steps anytime you which, the nicest way to enjoy the sauna is three times !

Every hour I perform a “Aufguss”or “Löyla”, which consists in dropping a mix of Water and Essential Oil on the hot stove rocks to make the room heat up and smell nice !

When you are finished just take a hot shower, and get rid of the sweat, without using soap, just water, and after drying you can put some cream to be nice to your skin ! Here we go !

I’m looking forward to meet you !

Le Camion Sauna quitte Bélesta / Photo Vincent Enata

// How to contact me //

To Invite me to visit you, for any events, in any place, please feel free to contact me !