Sauna News April 2018 !

After a long and great winter sleep, le Camion Sauna goes on Tour again, in Berlin and around ! Some nice festivals are popping up for Spring and the Summer, I would be glad to see you there !

Here’s the Schedule for spring and Summer 2018 :



+ 20-22. April  : Unframed Festival – Berlin – Bethanien (Kreuzberg) >> Co-production with Dagmar Fela !

This time „Le camion Sauna“ got transformed into an amazing machine exploring the possibilities of using a Sauna as a Medium for better substantial communications. More here)



+ 29.April – 1. Mai 2018 : Uckeralm Festival – am Uckersee (20km From Berlin)

The Second Time in the Uckeralm to share the steam in an Amazing charming old Farm yard ! The best way to escape Berlin from 1st of Mai, the revolutionary 1st of mai has been replaced by barbecues and bars anyway..


+ 3. 10. 17. 24. 31. Mai : Ostbloc Boulderhalle Residency – Berlin !

Every Thursday in Mai ! Again the beautifull Ostbloc invited me for a nice chill out Time ! Thursday will be Late Thursday, with Djs and chill out area around a fire place ! hmm love it !

+ 01-04. June : Gardelegen Festival – Gardelegen (170km From Berlin) More infos Soon !

+ 27. June – 1.July : Burning Mountain Festival – Zernes (CH) – (900km From Berlin)


>> HELP NEEDED !!! <<

As Zernes is really far from Berlin I’m still looking for places to make some Sauna Events to make my trip cosy, and meeting a lot of people around on the way to there and on the way back ! Any city in Switzerland, Germany and Austria would be nice !

  • 22. – 26. June : HELP NEEDED (more or less around Leipzig – Jena – Bayreuth – Nurnberg – München –  Innsbruck )
  • 27. June. – 1. July : Burning Mountain Fest – Zernes (CH)
  • 02. – 10. July : HELP NEEDED ! ( I would like to stay a bit in Switzerland before heading back to Berlin

If you are interested just contact me ! It would be really great !

Unframed Festival.


About The Festival :

Economy Of Resistance – Global Society In Transformation

Transformation has a long and varied history rooted in political movements and economic happenings, but it means different things to different people. Artists, activists, economists, and journalists all have a different take on the subject. We know of so many transformations and we may not even know how societies transform, but that’s okay.

Unframed festival came into existence to provide a platform for debate and foster genuine exchange. Maybe you’ll leave with more questions than answers and maybe not. It’s all up to you!


Le Camion Sauna at Unframed :

Share the Heat ! The Sauna Truck „Le camion Sauna“ comes to you, brings you the luxury of feeling well and to share a moment with people in the simplest way : no clock, no mobile phone, no need for efficiency, just Heat, Cold water and Steam.

Beside the relaxing aspect of Sauna, for the Unframed Festival we will try to explore the possibilities of using a Sauna as a Medium for better substantial communications.

Traditionally, Sauna has often been used in Finland as a way to take important political decisions. In a speech in Tokyo, in Mai 2010 Pertti Torstila (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland – Finland) explained “Decisions and negotiations take less time in the high heat. Sauna cools down overexcitement and melts away political differences.”

In theory, an intensive, passionate and critical discussion can be leaded by everyone, and everyone can take part of the discussion. Practically, some patterns, hierarchy and power mechanisms play a big part in this process, and Quick witted (Schlagfertig) persons with strong body language are self-designed as taking over a leading position in debates.

The experiment will be easy. We will select a pool of controversial discussion topics we want to discuss in the Sauna, and we will offer the possibility to have a passionate debate without overcooking and even allow the „Leadership mechanism“ to take place : The Sauna is a reduced and soft lighted room, where people can seat and share the same physical environment, they only belonging they bring into the sauna is a towel, a naked body and a creative mind. After some Minutes the discussion has to stop to cool down, this offers to everybody the luxury of thinking about the topic silently, to find some new ideas to raise the debates, to process the ideas other people had, and even maybe to change own mind considering the reality and the talk beside. After the „cooling down break“, people meet in the sauna again and resume the discussion.

We are not here to convince, we are here to give our mind the possibility to change, without loosing the ideals we are convinced by, it’s not about winning and loosing, it’s about changing.

Are you ready for this ?!

  • Friday 20th : from 17:00 – Open End
  • Saturday 21th : 14:00 -19:00 Sauna Talks // 19:00 – Open End Sauna
  • Sunday 22th : 14:00 -19:00 Sauna Talks // 19:00 – Open End Sauna

Infos :



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