TÜV, Winterbreak mode, and 1 Year Birthday !

Last Tuesday I finally passed the „TÜV“, the German technical evaluation that proves that your truck is in a good shape to drive. German oldtimers needs to do it Yearly so the Truck is fine, and even the bumps and scratches from the Finland crash went OK and I could keep the Oldtimer certificate, Yeah !

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So after some crazy good Weeks in October and November (23 Sauna nights !) at Ostbloc Climbing hall, Temmen Ringenwalde, an at the marvellous Sauna Clash Festival, the Truck will now take a break till next year !

Because people want so read numbers and precise Informations :

The first Sauna day was 3rd of December 2016 for the 1st birthday of Luca, since that day the Truck travelled more than 12000 km, went to France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Finland, and Sweden, for in Total 71 Sauna Evenings !

A lot of crazy situations happened, a lot of happy and relaxed faces went through the Sauna glass door of the Camion Sauna, I didn’t count how many, but .. a lot ! Lutz from Ostbloc told me „Jérôme, you build a machine to make people happy!“, it was one of the nicest quote about the Camion Sauna Project !

Anyway, thank you everybody who invited me to any events, who came and visit me and my Camion Sauna so far, thank you for the many good conversation !

Next Year 2018 is kind of unclear, but i got my little „to do list“, i would love to drive to Greece, Finland and Italy ! Let’s see what’s gonna happpen !


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