Sweden Tour ! Who can Help me around ?

After visiting Finland for the Sauna Ajot (Finally ! After 5 Years of thinking to go there i make it ! ) I will be around in Sweden From 2nd of August till 20th of August.

The Sauna Tour will start in Umea driving south to Malmö ! If anybody wants to invite me around i would love to meet you !

Dates :

29.7 : Teuva (Finland)

2.8 : Umea

3-5.8 : Urkult Fest

18.8 : Malmö

So if you feel interested and live between these places contact me ! I will come and visit !

2 Gedanken zu “Sweden Tour ! Who can Help me around ?

  1. Hello.

    I met You yesterday with my wife. Do You know if Moblie Sauna meeting in Teuva is the biggest Sauna happening in the world?

    Einen sonntäglichen Gruß. Matti


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