Goodbye Ostbloc, Hello Südbloc !

Goodbye Ostbloc…

The four events in Ostbloc are already over ! We made a lot of people sweat together ! Some visited me every Friday, it was nice seeing the same people often, to exchange some words week after week, and it was also really great seing some new people getting convinced to come and check the Sauna !

It seems the cosy atmosphere of the truck, and the „Aufguss music“ didn’t let you „Cold“, i’m really glad people appreciate it ! Seriously, after 5 Years of building and making small steps to fix this or that, I’m so happy to make the People enjoy ! Yeeah ! Thank you  for having been there.. I’ll come back !


…hello Südbloc !

Leaving Ostbloc was not easy, but i’m really looking forward to visit the southern brother of Mr Ostbloc, in Alt-Mariendorf, for the next 4 Fridays !

14th, 21th, 28th April and 5th of Mai at 19:00 !

Prepare your Towels !

Infos for Newcomers in Südbloc : Take 2 Towels, 1 Pair of Sandals, and.. some Music ! If anybody wants to play some music while being in the Sauna, prepare a small Compilation to share with the others ! (Death Metal Aufguss are planned for Year 2666 be patient..)


Südbloc / Großbeerenstraße 2–10, Haus 4 / 12107 Berlin-Mariendorf

Moday till sunday: 10am-23pm / Fridays from 19:00 with SAUNA !

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