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The mobile sauna truck “Le Camion Sauna!” has been build for 5 Years, since 2012, and now it’s finished and ready to make your cheeks and your Butt Red-happy !

The Idea got inspired from the mobile sauna community in Teuva (Sauna Ajot) and the canadians from Sauna Sessions. The breath of this project is to travell around, to be mobile, to see amazing places and to meet people on the road, beeing guest and host at the same time in the same place, making sharing of life experiences, exchange and dialogue straight forward ! The cosy Sauna atmosmphere makes communication between people easy and nice

The Concept of those Sauna Tours is to happen Once a Year, while the Winter. It’s all about celebrating the “mobility”, the “temporary”, and the “unique” moment in one place. To give (for me) and get (for you) inspiration from each others, without changing space, city, area.

The Truck comes to you, without changing the environment, making luxury possible in any place without having an influence on this one (No Gentrification factor) but just on the people ! LUXURY FOR EVERYBODY AND EVERYWHERE !

So Take a deep breath, “visit the heat” !

Entrance for the Sauna is on Donation Basis (Less than 5E I support you, and more than 10E you support me !). You can support me with money or also Vegetables, Fruits, Cheese, Wine, Massage oil, Gasoil, Engine Oil (15w40) Wood or whatever you want !

Le Camion Sauna

It is a dry Sauna, working at around 70-90° according to the quality of the wood and to the outside conditions

Mercedes LP 808 7,5t from 1975 ( 7,5m long, 2,5m de width et de 3,8m hight), before it was a horse-truck.

A Box which is 5,5m long.

In this box you’ll find a Sauna Room for 8-10 People(2,30m x 2,30m)

A Harvia SL 240 Woodstove, a small kitchen, and a place to get dressed and undressed, but no showers yet !